Use the information below to gain direct access to our latest collateral regarding Gemini Central - the new name for Gemini Enterprise Manage. Helping you achieve the most from our products.

Gemini Central - Quickstart Guides

We begin with the Quickstart Guides, but don't miss our comprehensive Video Library!

To download a PDF version of our latest V3.0 Quickstart Guides, including the Gemini Agent, please use the links provided below.


Gemini Central - Administration Guides

The Administration Guide is the complete guide to working with Gemini Central, detailing its installation, features and operations.

The Command Reference is an extract of the CLI Commands section of the Administration Guide.


Gemini - Other Documentation

Gemini Central V3.0 comes with an optional Beta Trial of Gemini Explore.

In order to get you started this includes our Explore for Splunk Admin app, to show immediately what can be achieved by the use of this intuitive product.

The following documentation will assist you in working with your own data sources to reveal insights that you never knew existed.


Video Library

Visit our new Video Library for the quickest introduction to the latest features of Gemini Manage and the use of our new Gemini Agent.

Videos have been split into four sections;

  • Installation and commissioning of Gemini Manage
  • Operational Maintenance of Splunk Clusters
  • Introducing Other Features of Gemini Manage
  • Installation and use of Gemini Agents
  • Using the Explore for Splunk Admin app with Gemini Explore

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