A Destination is required in order for the Rule to be saved. To add an appropriate destination file to the log receiver, select the ‘Add destination’ option from the vertical ellipsis menu associated with the chosen Rule. If a Filter option is required, this can be added later.

Add a logical name - preferably using your own naming convention document - for the Destination Name entry, the location of which (Destination File) will depend on your choice of Log File Splitting.

Destination Log File Splitting - Overview

This feature enables a Rule for a single data source to create multiple destination files based on various criteria, such as host value, Facility or protocol.

Without any log file splitting in place, the destination location and filename of receiver files will be created in the /opt/sbox/data/<rule_name>/ directory, with a filename dictated by the ‘Destination File’ entry box.

The ‘Final’ Log path flags checkbox should not normally be used. This is a special case scenario sometimes required if rules created are in conflict which one another. Check with support@geminidata.com if you are considering using this feature.