This is the starting point for managing distributed configuration options. Here you can view your distributed topology, connect the current node to a parent or manage child nodes belonging to the current node.

Manage Nodes

This is a tabular view of all Gemini appliances in your deployment. Here you can view key information on each host including:

  • IP address
  • Parent
  • Number of joined groups
  • Number of dispatched jobs.

You can also drill into each host and assign it to a Node Group.

Manage Groups

Manage Groups allow you to create logical categories of your Manage nodes. Node Groups may be used to view a subset of your Manage nodes as well as assign jobs to specific Manage nodes. Child Nodes may be assigned to multiple Node Groups.

Execute Jobs

Execute Jobs allows you to easily execute predefined tasks including starting/stopping/enabling/disabling services and retrieving and updating system parameters to multiple Manage instances and execute them at a specific time. Jobs can be assigned to all nodes or previously defined Node Groups.

Membership Settings

Membership Settings allows you to enable and configure registration of your Manage nodes. Manage Nodes which are registered may be monitored and managed from this device. Here you may also configure the Token String to be used by the remote node for registration. You may restrict the nodes allowed to register by creating a Whitelist using either IP addresses or Hostnames.

By default, all nodes are allowed to register. Multiple entries must be separated by a comma.

Bulk Provision

The same the option provided during initial configuration. This is a step-by-step wizard to guide you complete the initial setup configurations. Refer to Bulk Provisioning in System Initialization for detailed configuration steps.