The Manage License tab allows you to configure your Manage License Servers and License Agents.

License Status

License Status displays the current active license, including license type, volume, and expiration date. Select the current license in Product field to view detailed license status. If you have a pre-purchased license, you can request and then attach your license by following the steps on this page.

Remote Licenses

Remote Licenses allows you to manage the license sources, including remote license servers and from local.


Inventory lists all the license attached and allows you to manage Gemini licenses, and for convenience, groups volumes in total and licenses used.

License Server

License Server allows you to enable and configure your Gemini appliance as a Manage license server. The Manage license server manages licenses and grant permissions to other nodes who registered and connected to this license server.

You can also configure the Token String to be used by the remote nodes for registration. You may restrict the nodes allowed to register by creating a Whitelist using either IP addresses or Hostnames. By default, all nodes are allowed to register. Multiple entries must be separated by a comma.