The Home Screen is the first and default screen shown upon successful login. The navigation bar on the left provides easy access to the following menu items:

  • HOME: Provides access to set up and manage different platforms such as Splunk, Hadoop, and other applications.
  • NODE: Provides configuration settings for features such as networking, identity, and preferences for a specific appliance.
  • CLUSTER: Allows management of appliances as part of a multi-node cluster.
  • LICENSE: Allows centralized management of Manage licenses.
  • SPLUNK: Allows for the configuration of Splunk operating parameters. This section is only available once Splunk Enterprise is installed and the Splunk configuration has been completed.
  • HADOOP: Allows for the configuration of Cloudera cluster management. This section is only available once Cloudera is installed and Cloudera configuration has been completed.
  • SETTINGS: Configuration settings for Manage itself such as system update, authentication, security settings, and backup/restore.
  • ACCOUNT: Configuration of user information and account-level functions such as password reset.

Featured Platforms

The featured platforms are data processing platforms which are available for activation and usage on the appliance.

Note: Each platform consumes resources. Installed and running more than one platform on a Gemini appliance may result in resource competition. Ensure that your appliance storage, CPU and configuration are suited to the workload imposed by each platform. Please consult with Gemini Support on sizing considerations.

Integration Center

The Integration Center is a repository of applications that provide insights, management, or connectivity to data sources. Some apps mirror those provided within other platform ecosystems such as SplunkBase, while others are specific to Gemini. Regardless of origin, full support is provided for all solutions.

Each solution or application is represented by a descriptive card that allows easy installation, or if already installed, easy configuration or removal.