Welcome to Manage 2.7

This document provides the release notes for the Gemini Agent 20.04 that works with Manage 2.7 and above. It describes new capabilities and notable changes relative to the previous release of the agent.


Upgrade from previous versions

It is released as an installation binary which contains new features and changes. Install it and overwrite the current version to complete the upgrade.


What’s New in Ver 20.04

  • Remove the dependencies of Linux commands, e.g. "at" and "curl".
  • Automatically detect the SPLUNK_HOME and the OS user from the Splunk running process when user provisions the Agent on the host. With this information collected, user doesn't have to configure it manually during provisioning.
  • A series of agent control commands are added, including start/stop agent, get agent status, and get the agent version information.

Supported Gemini Manage Versions

  • Gemini Manage 2.7



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