Welcome to Gemini Central 3.0

Gemini Central is the new name for Gemini Enterprise Manage!

This document provides the release notes for Gemini Central V3.0, describing the new capabilities and notable changes relative to the previous production release - Gemini Enterprise Manage V2.9

For full capabilities, installation instructions and downloadable materials for please read in combination with the ''Welcome to the new Gemini Central' document.

Upgrade from previous versions

Gemini Central V3.0 is released as a system upgrade pack containing new features, system-level changes, and patches released since the previous Gemini Manage 2.6 release.

Please confirm the current Gemini Manage version prior to applying this upgrade pack, as a valid installation of Manage 2.6, 2.7, 2.7.1, 2.8 or 2.9 is required for this upgrade pack.

For customers running earlier versions, please contact the Gemini Support team via the Support Portal the Support Portal or contact support@geminidata.com for information on upgrading to the latest version.

What’s New in Gemini Central 3.0

System and Foundation

  • A newly defined deployment role is assigned to each node that can be either; a Standalone role(default), a Management Center role, or a Member role. The default Standalone role can be promoted to become a Management Center, or will automatically become a Member role when it is added to a Gemini cluster.
  • SSH key pairs will be generated when a standalone node has been promoted to management center. The management center is then authorized to access each member node automatically via SSH.
  • A new Recommended Actions feature provides the capability to detect Gemini Central configurations and verify if there are any concerns, issues, incomplete settings or unhealthy status levels.
    • Each Gemini Central instance will show these recommendations and lead the administrator to the correct course of action.
    • At the Management Center node, recommendations are collected and displayed for all member nodes, allowing the administrator to jump straight to the target node to correct an issue locally.
  • New mount options are available in Storage Management that allow the administrator to allocate an individual disk for each Gemini Featured Platform.
  • Multiple security vulnerabilities have been found, fixed, and validated that occurred before April 7, 2021.

Web Console

  • A new indication appears at the top of each node showing the Deployment Role assigned. This will identify the working mode of the instance immediately to the user.
  • When the Deployment Role is NOT set to Management Center, there are several restricted function pages. These include; Bulk Provisioning, Gemini Cluster Management, Splunk Provisioning for AWS, and the Splunk Environments dashboard.

Splunk Manager

  • A new AWS Provisioning wizard enables central provisioning of complete Splunk Indexer and Search Head clusters based on Splunk AMI’s and AWS EC2 instances.
    • This is an alternative to the use of the hardened OS built-in to our own Gemini AMI, but if chosen, will enable customers to get up and running themselves with complex Splunk environments on AWS in just a few minutes, provided they have their AWS secret keys and passwords available.
    • A Gemini Agent will be installed to each Splunk instance during the install, allowing the Management Center node central observation and a fast Splunk upgrade facility.

Fixed Issues

  • None.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes a ‘failure’ message is shown when installing an app from the Gemini Explore integration center. Usually, this is a false alarm and in fact, the app has been installed successfully.
  • IMPORTANT: If there are iSCSI devices mounted, the bootup process will fail following an upgrade. Workaround:
    • Unmount all iSCSI devices before running the upgrade process.

Supported Platform Application Versions


  • Splunk Enterprise 7.3
  • Splunk Enterprise 8.0
  • Splunk Enterprise 8.1
  • Splunk Light 7.3
  • Splunk Light 8.0
  • Splunk Light 8.1

Important Note: Gemini Central does not currently support Splunk Enterprise 8.2

Deprecated and removed features

Deprecated features

  • None.

Removed features

  • None.


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