Welcome to Gemini Manage 2.7

We are pleased to announce the very latest version of our Gemini Manage product - Version 2.7 - has now been production released.

This new version enables new features as well as addressing some outstanding feature requests, and some bug fixes for good measure.

For an outline of all these changes, please refer to the What's New in 2.7 document.

New Gemini Agents!

The biggest change that we have made to Version 2.7 involves a separate Gemini Agent that can be distributed to remote Splunk instances allowing us to manage them as if they were Manage Appliances.

This will give you the ability to incorporate remote Splunk Clusters or standalone instances into the Gemini Management Center node, for on-going Splunk management tasks such as upgrading, etc.

The diagram below suggests a current Splunk environment with Gemini Agents installed, and subsequently brought into the Management Center as a remote cluster in Splunk Environments.

Log Receiver improvements

Our latest Log Receiver feature in Gemini Manage 2.7 now includes log splitting by Severity(Level) This adds features more similar to those found in syslog-ng, allowing for a more granular approach to the logging of network-related products and equipment.

The new Log Receiver dashboard has been designed to offer a simple visual experience that makes it easy to create, view and troubleshoot your syslog rules.

Other key features are listed below;

  • Multiple rules allowed for various data sources.
  • Powerful filters to split syslog into different destination log files.
  • Multiple destination directories for log files, including custom locations
  • Easily integrated with Splunk.
  • Integral log rotation for better housekeeping.
  • Rules can be replicated and distributed to other nodes if required.

For more information, refer to our Administration Guide, or see our Log Receiver document


Quickstart Guides for Version 2.7.1

Use the links below to download a PDF version of the new 2.7.1 Quickstart Guides. Included here also is a Quickstart Guide to our new Gemini Agent.

Manage Administration Guide for Version 2.7

The Administration Guide is the complete guide to working with Gemini Manage, with details regarding all of its features and operations.

The Command Reference is an extract of the CLI commands from the Administration Guide.


Video Library

Visit our new Video Library for the quickest introduction to the latest features of Gemini Manage and the use of our new Gemini Agent.

Videos have been split into four sections;

  • Installation and commissioning of Gemini Manage
  • Operational Maintenance of Splunk Clusters
  • Introducing Other Features of Gemini Manage
  • Installation and use of Gemini Agents

Click here to access our Video Library


For more information please contact support@geminidata.com