Welcome to Gemini Central V3.0 the new name for Gemini Enterprise Manage!

This software-based product greatly simplifies the installation and administration of complex technology platforms such as Splunk, Tableau, and MinIO.

Recent iterations of Gemini software have demonstrated the advantages of having a Gemini Management Center node at its core that can manage and upgrade an entire Splunk environment, or even multiple Splunk environments.

New features, such as the central collation of Splunk diags and a central backup solution for all Splunk/Gemini config files have been very popular with our customers.

New in Version 3.0

Recommended Actions

In Gemini Central V3.0, we are introducing a new feature called, Recommended Actions advising on any outstanding issues that need to be addressed on a Gemini instance.

Use the Gemini Management Center node to select a ‘Recommended Action’ on any instance and address the issue immediately in a separate browser tab.

AWS Provisioning

Another exciting new feature, AWS Provisioning, enables central provisioning of complete Splunk Indexer and Search Head clusters based on AWS EC2 instances using Splunk AMI’s, direct from a Gemini Central node acting as the Management Center.

This is an alternative to the use of our hardened OS built-in to our own Gemini AMI, but if chosen, will enable customers to get up and running themselves with complex Splunk environments on AWS in just a few minutes, provided they have their AWS secret keys and passwords available.

A Gemini Agent will be installed to each Splunk instance during the install, allowing the Management Center node central observation and a fast Splunk upgrade facility.

For more detail on all of these features, including resource requirements and installation instructions, please refer to our Gemini Central - Administration Guide V3.0


Recently Introduced Features

Manage Nodes Dashboard


  • Visualize in real-time the status and resource usage of all your Gemini instances including those running Gemini Agents from the central Management Center.
  • Expand the scope of view of remote Splunk Clusters running a Gemini Agent

A snapshot of the new Manage Nodes dashboard, showing extended capabilities inset.


Splunk Environments Dashboard

Bring all your Splunk instances together in one pane - the Splunk Environments dashboard. Below is an example of this showing immediately that one instance is down!


  • Status of all Manage Nodes, including those running Gemini Agents
  • Collect a Splunk Diag from any one of the managed Splunk instances and store centrally at the Parent node - usually the Management Center.


Centralized Backup

A centralized Backup feature that allows an administrator to backup or restore Splunk config files for all Splunk instances.


  • A scheduled backup facility can be used for both Gemini and Splunk configuration files.
  • Keeps a copy of the last 7 backups by default.
  • Automates the backups and is able to split the jobs between regions or instance types.


Support for Splunk Workload Management


  • Native use of Splunk's Workload Management feature can now operate on a Gemini instance.
  • Enable Splunk boot-start to be managed by Linux 'systemd'
  • Automatically detects and verifies whether Splunk is running a boot-start using 'initd'. In which case it will be left in that state. Optionally switch to use systemd using the web interface (see below).
  • Gemini Enterprise will favor systemd management control as a default on all new Splunk deployments and all new Gemini Agents.


Log Receiver Capability Improvements

Log Receiver now supports a Splunk HEC destination within a Syslog rule and also offers full support for Syslog-NG syntax


Tableau Server as a Featured Platform

It is now possible to bring Tableau Server into the confines of Gemini Enterprise!

Complete four easy steps to install Tableau Server into a security-hardened, fine-tuned, and well-managed environment.


  • Step by step installation to integrate a standalone Tableau Server
  • Typical service controls for operation and status of Tableau server


Gemini Explore as a Featured Platform

Introducing Gemini Explore!

New from Gemini Data, this is an intuitive visual graph-based data exploration tool that works directly on Splunk, CSV, or JDBC data sources.

With this dynamic multi-layer visualization tool, the user is able to drill-down and interact with their data in a whole new way.

Intuitive to use, as it mimics the way our brains ‘think’. On discovering something interesting, select with your mouse to instinctively locate more detail and how it may relate to other datasets.


  • Available on request as a free trial with Gemini Central V3.0
  • Take advantage of our Explore for Splunk Admin app(as shown above), to investigate and monitor your own Splunk Environment in a totally new and intuitive way.
  • Ingest your own data by running a Splunk search, or link to CSV or JDBC source, and explore how this data interacts using your own Models.


Links to Documentation Downloads

Gemini Central - Quickstart Guides

Use the links below to download a PDF version of the new 3.0 Quickstart Guides.


Gemini Central - Administration Guides

The Administration Guide is the complete guide to working with Gemini Central, detailing its installation, features, and operation.

The Command Reference is an extract of the CLI Commands section of the Administration Guide.


Gemini - Other Documentation

Gemini Central V3.0 comes with an optional Beta Trial of Gemini Explore.

In order to get you started this includes our Explore for Splunk Admin app, to show immediately what can be achieved by the use of this intuitive product.

The following documentation will assist you in working with your own data sources to reveal insights that you never knew existed.


Video Library

Visit our new Video Library for the quickest introduction to the latest features of Gemini Manage and the use of our new Gemini Agent.

Videos have been split into four sections;

  • Installation and commissioning of Gemini Manage
  • Operational Maintenance of Splunk Clusters
  • Introducing Other Features of Gemini Manage
  • Installation and use of Gemini Agents
  • Using the Explore for Splunk Admin app with Gemini Explore

Click here to access our Video Library


For more information please contact contact@geminidata.com

Or see our main Website at Geminidata.com