Welcome to Gemini Enterprise! This software-based product greatly simplifies the installation and administration of Splunk based architectures.

Gemini Enterprise reduces data infrastructure complexity to such a degree that expensive IT consultants' time is reduced to the bare minimum. The speed with which new Splunk clusters can be built, maintained and upgraded is groundbreaking.

Version 2.8 extends our existing capability to include all Gemini Enterprise instances, including; remote Splunk clusters, Hardware appliances, Cloud and Virtual instances, to offer improved monitoring capabilities in the form of resource and status at the Management Center.

For more detail on all of these features, including resource requirements and installation instructions, please refer to our Gemini Enterprise - Manage Administration Guide V2.8


New Features - Highlights (Ver 2.8)

Manage Nodes Dashboard


  • View all Manage Nodes including those running Gemini Agents in a single pane of glass
  • Immediately visualize the status and resource usage of each node
  • Expand the scope of view of remote Splunk Clusters running a Gemini Agent

A snapshot of the new Manage Nodes dashboard, showing extended capabilities inset.


Splunk Environments Dashboard

Below is an example of the new Splunk Environments dashboard, in this case showing immediately that one instance is down!


  • Status of all Manage Nodes, including those running Gemini Agents
  • Collect a Splunk Diag from any one of the managed Splunk instances and store centrally at the Parent node - usually the Management Center.


Tableau Server as a Featured Platform

It is now possible to bring Tableau Server into the confines of Gemini Enterprise!

Complete four easy steps to install Tableau Server into a security-hardened, fine-tuned, and well-managed environment.


  • Step by step installation to integrate a standalone Tableau Server
  • Typical service controls for operation and status of Tableau server


Gemini Explore as a Featured Platform

Introducing Gemini Explore!

New from Gemini Data, this is an intuitive visual graph-based data exploration tool that works directly on Splunk, CSV or JDBC data sources.

With this dynamic multi-layer visualization tool, the user is able to drill-down and interact with their data in a whole new way.

Intuitive to use, as it mimics the way our brains ‘think’. On discovering something interesting, select with your mouse to instinctively locate more detail and how it may relate to other datasets.


  • Available on request as a free trial with Version 2.8
  • Take advantage of our Splunk Inspect app(as shown above), to investigate and monitor your own Splunk Environment in a totally new and intuitive way.
  • Ingest your own data by running a Splunk search, or linking to CSV or JDBC sources, and explore how this data using your own Models.


Support for Splunk Workload Management


  • Native use of Splunk's Workload Management feature can now operate on a Gemini instance.
  • Enable Splunk boot-start to be managed by Linux 'systemd'
  • Automatically detects and verifies whether Splunk is running a boot-start using 'initd'. In which case it will be left in that state. Optionally switch to use systemd using the web interface (see below).
  • Gemini Enterprise will favor systemd management control as a default on all new Splunk deployments and all new Gemini Agents.


Other Gemini Enterprise improvements


  • A new 'unzip/expand' utility can be found in the 'Config Editor' dashboard. Extract a tarball or zip file, using the Extract option (see below). Especially useful for Deployment Server situations.


Links to Documentation Downloads

Quickstart Guides for Version 2.8

Use the links below to download a PDF version of the new 2.8 Quickstart Guides.


Manage Administration Guide for Version 2.8

The Administration Guide is the complete guide to working with Gemini Enterprise Manage, detailing all of its features and operations.

The Command Reference is an extract of the CLI Commands section of the Administration Guide.


Other Documentation

Gemini Manage 2.8 comes with an optional Beta Trial of Gemini Explore.

In order to get you started this includes our Splunk Inspect app, to show you immediately what can be achived using this intuitive product.

The following documentation will assist you in working with your own data sources to reveal insights that you never knew existed.


Video Library

Visit our new Video Library for the quickest introduction to the latest features of Gemini Manage and the use of our new Gemini Agent.

Videos have been split into four sections;

  • Installation and commissioning of Gemini Manage
  • Operational Maintenance of Splunk Clusters
  • Introducing Other Features of Gemini Manage
  • Installation and use of Gemini Agents
  • Using Splunk Inspect with Gemini Explore

Click here to access our Video Library


For more information please contact support@geminidata.com