This document provides the Release Notes for Manage 2.6. It describes new capabilities and notable changes relative to the previous production release 2.5.1.

What’s new in 2.6

System and foundation

  • New Support of Software RAID allows user to create RAID disk from multiple disk devices. It supports different RAID levels including RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5. The RAID disk can be mounted, but not merged into existing logical volume.
  • New Support of Encrypted File System allows user to encrypt a data volume. This is only supported on RAID disks and storage devices.
  • Advanced SSH server settings allows user to configure session timeout, authentication methods, and add security enhancements for defending against cyber attacks.
  • New CLI command for applying patches that allows user to apply Manage upgrade pack as well as patches through the command line.
  • New CLI command for operations of Independent Stream Forwarder that allows user to control the service when this instance has been deployed as an Independent Stream Forwarder node in Splunk Environments.
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities found and validated before Oct. 22 2018.
  • JAVA Runtime Environment has been updated.

Web Console

  • New consolidated storage management interface puts storage functions together that allows user to manage attached storage devices, including LVM, software RAID, Encrypted File System, mount operations and mount points.

Splunk Manager

  • New standalone deployment role in Splunk Environments. This allows users to deploy Splunk Independent Stream Forwarder into multiple Manage nodes in Splunk Environments.
  • Add Support of Dedicated Capture Mode when running Splunk Independent Stream Forwarder, including DPDK support to 10GbE network interfaces. This is applicable to specific Gemini Appliance models. Contact sales for more information.
  • Add supports to specify admin user name and password during Splunk installation. This is only applicable to the Splunk local deployment. This is not supported in Splunk Environments.

Fixed issues

Distorted UI of Node Group's Execute Job side panel.

Known issues

Issue 1:

Swap a broken storage device from an existing software RAID disk is not supported. Contact Gemini Support if you need help.

If a storage device was encrypted by the instance, the key file will be stored. When mounting this device again it can be reused without importing the key again. Sometimes the key file will lost for unknown reasons and unable to mount it again without the key file.


  • Backup the key file for every encrypted device.
  • If the key file no longer exists, unattach this device and format it from other workstation. If this has happened on the virtual environment, just remove this storage device and create a new one.

Issue 2:

Upgrade a previous version of AWS instance through upgrade pack will fail due to the special kernel requirements on AWS. Contact Gemini Support if you need help.


  • Plan your upgrade path and consult with Gemini Support.
  • Create a new Manage 2.6 instance. Migrate Splunk, including configurations and data, to the new one.
  • Backup Manage configurations and migrate it to the new instance.

Issue 3: Failover will not work after upgrade.


  • Reboot the instance and verify if it works.

Issue 4: Mounted iSCSI devices will be unmounted after upgrade.


  • Note down the initiator ID, username and password of login CHAP in the initiator settings before upgrade in case if you need it.
  • Logout iSCSI devices before upgrade. After upgraded. login iSCSI devices manually.
  • Verify the initiator settings and correct them with the noted information if the iSCSI connection lost.

Supported platform application versions


  • Splunk Enterprise 6.3
  • Splunk Enterprise 6.4
  • Splunk Enterprise 6.5
  • Splunk Enterprise 6.6
  • Splunk Enterprise 7.0
  • Splunk Enterprise 7.1
  • Splunk Enterprise 7.2*
  • Splunk Light 6.5
  • Splunk Light 6.6
  • Splunk Light 7.0
  • Splunk Light 7.1
  • Splunk Light 7.2*

*Does not support Workload Management


  • Cloudera CDH 5.10

Deprecated and removed features

Deprecated features


Removed features

The mount point option /opt/sbox/mount was removed since Manage 2.6. New mounts under this directory will no longer be allowed. Existing storage devices mounted under this directory (usually happened on upgraded instances) still work until unmounted.


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