This document provides the release notes for Manage 2.4.1. It describes notable changes compared to previous production release of Manager 2.3.2

Manage 2.4.1 is released as an incremental system upgrade pack which contains all changes since the Manage 2.4 release.

An existing installation of Manage 2.4.x is required for this upgrade pack. Confirm your current Manage version before applying this upgrade pack.

What’s new in Manage 2.4.1


  • Fix multiple Internet Explorer 11 specific malfunctions and compatibility issues.
  • Fix multiple issues found in Splunk Environments.
  • Fix rescue option in boot menu not working when it's a fresh install.
  • Fix multiple security vulnerabilities found and validated before Mar. 27, 2018.

Fixed Issues

  • MGR-1860: User is redirected to a blank page while uploading a file in Splunk config editor.
  • MGR-1896: Failed to create a Splunk Environment when the local Splunk installation conflicts.
  • MGR-1906: Drop-down selection doesn't work in IE11 after uploading Splunk binary in Splunk Environments wizard.
  • MGR-1927: Unable to download public key from NODE → Backup
  • MGR-1931: Connector upgrade shows 404 Not Found after upgrade.
  • MGR-1967: Rescue option in boot menu doesn't work when it is a fresh install.
  • MGR-1969: Unable to perform the second update for the same app.
  • MGR-1989: Reinstall Splunk will not add the configured syslog receiver inputs again.
  • MGR-2027: Stream forwarder app cannot be installed in some cases.
  • MGR-2028: Filter doesn't apply when adding all selected nodes into cluster in Splunk Environments wizard.
  • MGR-2029: Incomplete validations and information in Splunk Environments' upgrade.
  • MGR-204:, Possibly save source even input validation failed in Syslog Receiver.
  • MGR-2054: Improper error display when leaving available site field empty.

Deprecated and removed features

Deprecated features


Removed features



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