This document provides the release notes for Manage 2.5.1. It describes notable changes compared to previous production release of Manage 2.4.

An existing installation of Manage 2.4 and above is required for this upgrade pack. Confirm your current Manage version before applying this upgrade pack.

What’s new in Manage 2.5.1


  • Fix multiple security vulnerabilities found and validated before Aug. 17, 2018.
  • JAVA Runtime Environment has been updated.

Fixed Issues

  • MGR-2460: Rsync will be disabled after upgrade.
  • MGR-2466: Internal error happened on Bulk Provisioning.
  • MGR-2511: Unable to add sites in environment when adding nodes or clusters.
  • MGR-2527: Apps in Integration Center disappeared when upgrading from Manage 2.3.x.

Deprecated and removed features

Deprecated features


Removed features



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