The Gemini Enterprise: Manager Health App for Splunk is the solution to monitor Gemini Appliances in Splunk. The App provides a quick overview of the deployed units and their system state.

Download link to the Gemini Health App

Note: You will need an account at Splunk to obtain this software


  • Obtain critical system resources like CPU and Disk usage. Memory utilization will be reported and alerted when the level reaches a critical condition.
  • Gemini Enterprise: Manager Health App, helps to plan the required capacity before a resource shortage occurs.
  • Additionally, the App detects important events helping the System Administrator to quickly react on operational circumstances.


  • Device Inventory including Model Names, Serial Numbers and License Expiration Information
  • System Event Monitoring
  • Gemini Enterprise: Manager Audit Trail
  • Power Consumption
  • Physical Disk Status
  • Fan Status
  • Power Supply Status
  • System Temperature