In this article we list the compatible Splunk versions in an easy to read matrix and discuss what we mean and do to ensure that the Splunk-related features provided by Gemini Enterprise: Manage (Gemini Manage) are compatible with Splunk.

Our Splunk Compatibility Policy

Gemini Data ensures Gemini Manage's features are compatible with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Light. To provide continuity with new releases, Gemini Data follows an internal QA process covering relevant Splunk-related functionality in Gemini Manage. The Splunk releases listed in the matrix have successfully passed the testing process.

When a Splunk version is compatible in a Gemini Manage version, it means:

  • The version of Splunk has passed the relevant test cases as part of our product QA process.
  • There is general compatibility between Gemini Manage functionality and Splunk software.
  • Gemini provides full technical support of the Gemini Manage features in alignment with the specified Splunk combination.