This document describes the process of generating a license request file for provision of a new license.

During Initial Installation

If you do not already have a license, a license request can be generated during setup as part of the setup process. The information below pertains only to license request generation.

  1. On the 'Select License Option' screen, select 'Enterprise Edition (Purchased License)'.
  2. Choose 'Use a License File'.
  3. Download the license request file.
  4. Choose 'Back'.
  5. Choose 'Enterprise Edition (30 Days Trial)'.
  6. Choose 'Next' to complete the setup process.
  7. The license request file can then be sent to support@geminidata.com.

Using the Web Interface

Once you have completed the appliance setup process, log in to the web interface. choose the 'License' tab, and follow the on-screen instructions to download the XML file.

Submitting the License File

Once you have downloaded the XML file, log in to the Support Portal (https://support.geminidata.com), open a new case, and upload the file. A license file will be returned to you within 72 hours.

Applying the License File

For information about applying the license file, please see Applying a License File.