There are instances where you will use the CLI to SSH into your Gemini appliance. By default our the appliance is configured to terminate idling SSH connections after five minutes. The information below describes how to reconfigure this setting.

Best practice is to retain the default setting of 5 minutes, as per STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide).

Gemini 2.6

From GEM 2.6, you can adjust the SSH timeout period in the web interface under 'Node' > 'SSH'. In the Session Timeout' field, enter a value between 1 minute and 120 minutes. Choose 'Update' to apply the change.

Gemini 2.1.x Upwards

For versions prior to 2.6, the SSH client can be configured to send a keep-alive heartbeat on a regular basis. This solution is a workaround for the PuTTY client and the results may vary depending on the environment and internal security policies. The heartbeat can be activated on client-side without any server-side modifications. In your session properties, go to 'Connection' and under 'Sending of null packets to keep session active', set 'Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off)' to 30.