Privileged Appliance Access

Gemini Data Support Services Terms

August 15 2017

Gemini Data reserves the right to grant to customers and partners, privileged access to the appliance that is normally not available to customers under the Support Terms.

The terms below govern the usage of the appliance and the obligations of the customer or partner under these circumstances. The warranty and support terms are contingent upon compliance with these extended terms.

Access grants

Privileged access is provided, at the discretion of the Gemini Data Support team, if it is deemed necessary to support critical operations that cannot be performed within the Gemini Enterprise: Manage experience.

The engagement of the Gemini Data Support team is required before granting access, to explore other possible alternatives.

Access may not be granted if usage is understood to be detrimental to the stability and integrity of the appliance.

Privileged access will be provided on a temporary or continuous basis, as needed for any/all appliances as the circumstances may dictate.

Customer Obligations

Customer agrees to work with Gemini Data Support team to explore all alternatives prior to requesting privileged access.

Customer will constrain access only to the individuals explicitly designated.

Customer will notify Gemini Data Support before performing any actions that reflect a change of change of state on the appliance, such as an updated configuration etc. Customer to maintain a log of changes to be provided to Gemini Data to assist with version upgrades.

Customer will not use privileged access to install other software or agents unless explicitly permitted by Gemini Data.