This guide covers the troubleshooting of the PSU, component specifications, and the removal and replacement of a hot-swap


Reset the power supply by removing and reinstalling it. If the problem persists, see below.


PSU Indicator Pattern

Power supply status indicator

Power Indicator Pattern Condition
Off Power is not connected.
Solid Green OK
Flashing Green When hot-adding a power supply, this indicates that the power supply is mismatched with the other power supply (in terms of efficiency, feature set, health status, and supported voltage). Replace the power supply that has the flashing indicator with a power supply that matches the capacity of the other installed power supply.
Flashing Amber Indicates a problem with the power supply.

LCD Message

Please refer to Appendix D - LCD Messages for more detail.

Hardware Diagnostics Utilities

  1. Reboot the Gemini appliance.
  2. Press F11 to enter 'Boot Manager' > 'System Utilities' > 'Launch Hardware Diagnostics' > 'ePSA'.
  3. In ePSA, choose 'System Health and Power'.
  4. Based on the number provided (e.g.,:PS1, PS2) to determine which slot is faulty. For example, if PS1 is missing or faulty, then the PSU inside that slot need to be replaced.

Replacing PSUs

PSU Specs

There are several kinds of PSUs on Gemini appliances. Ensure you select the correct PSU for the appliance in question.

  • A1000 - Dual hot-swap 550w
  • A1100 - Dual hot-swap 550w
  • A2000 - Dual hot-swap 550w
  • A2100 - Dual hot-swap 550w
  • A5000 - Dual hot-swap 750w
  • A5100 - Dual hot-swap 750w
  • A5200 - Dual hot-swap 750w
  • S1000 - Dual hot-swap 350w
  • F1000 - Dual hot-swap 350w

Remove a Hot-swap PSU

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the power source.
  2. Press the release latch.
  3. Pull the power supply straight out to release it from the power distribution board and remove it from the chassis.

Replace a Hot-swap PSU

  1. Verify that both power supplies are the same type and have the same maximum output power.
  2. Slide the new power supply into the chassis until the power supply is fully seated.
  3. Release latch snaps into place.
  4. Connect the power cable to the power supply and plug the cable into a power outlet.