The purpose of this article to provide information on how to unlock a locked OS user's password. Gemini Enterprise Manage (GEM) provides the functionality of OS Management under its Web GUI. Within the context of GEM, the OS users can be of user group: gemini, hadoop, sbox, splunk.

Scenario: You have an OS user (e.g. "testuser") who is locked out of their account. This user was working on a Command line interface (CLI) and used an incorrect OS password more than 3 times. This OS user is now locked out of their account, and need help.

Open a browser with the appliance's IP address (e.g., to reveal the GEM Web GUI.

Login as the "admin" user and select login.

After the admin login is accepted, you will be presented with GEM Web GUI's main panel.

Select the Node / OS Users to reveal the following screen

It can be seen that the OS "testuser" is locked.

To unlock the user, select the user name to reveal the following screen

Select the "Unlock" button to unlock the user and return to the OS management screen.

On completion, the locked column will no longer show "yes".

Select the "testuser" account again after unlocking to reveal the following screen:

You now have two scenarios to consider;

  • If the wants to change their password, and knows their current password
  • If the user does not remember their password

Scenario: The user knows their own password

Enter the existing password in the "Current Password" box, and input a new password in both the "New Password" and "Retype Password" boxes.

Select the 'Save' button, to reveal the message "OS user has been updated successfully".

Scenario: The user does not know their own password

  • Select the "Reset Password" button.
  • At the "Are you sure?" message, select the "Reset" button to continue

When the reset is complete a message will appear at the top of the screen, with the new password.

The above process can be followed for an OS user from any user group of: gemini, hadoop, sbox, splunk.