About the Rescue Portal

You can use the Rescue Portal to reset system settings such as passwords, network details, and even a factory reset. Please note, this guide is only applicable to SBOX 1.4.3.

Accessing the Rescue Portal

The Rescue Portal is bound on the reserved IP address and can be accessed from a specific client IP only. Before accessing the Rescue Portal, first configure the client PC's IP address to with netmask Then connect the client PC directly to the Appliance's eth3 network interface.

Rescue Portal Functions

After setting the custom IP and manually connecting to the Appliance's eth3 interface, this is the interface presented at


Choose Reboot to reboot the Appliance.


Choose Shutdown to halt the Appliance.

Restart Administration

Choose Restart Administration to restart the administration wizard.

Reset Password

Choose Reset Password to reset the user account of the administrator to the default values. This resets the admin user's password to changeme, and removes all other user accounts.

Reset Network

Choose Reset Network to reset the network to default values. By default eth0 is set to DHCP and other NICs are disabled.

Reset Splunk

Choose Reset Splunk to reset the Splunk instance to the default version which is pre-loaded on the SBOX Appliance. Resetting Splunk will delete all Splunk configurations and data.

Reset to Factory

Choose Reset to Factory to reset the entire SBOX Appliance to default factory settings. This includes resetting Splunk, which will delete all the Splunk configurations and data.