Gemini Explore is an interactive visual-based data exploration tool that works directly on Splunk, CSV or JDBC data sources.

Using this dynamic multi-layer visualization tool, the user is able to drill-down and interact with their data.

This process is intuitive to use, as it mimics the way our brains ‘think’. When we discover something interesting, we instinctively want to know more detail and how it may relate to other datasets.

With Gemini Explore, users can simply select or double-click an element on the canvas to discover its context and reveal more information.

Together the benefits of Gemini Explore, we will include our Splunk Inspect app that can assist you with your Splunk infrastructure - visble now in a new and completely different way.

Gemini Explore - Trial

We are pleased to announce that Gemini Explore has been included since Gemini Enterprise Manage V2.8, on a Trial basis for both new and existing Customers, in the form of an ISO, VMware OVA, HyperV, AWS AMI, or Azure package.

We have made this free to use for your own data for a period of 30 Days, and in order to familiarise yourself with this new interactive visual technology we have created an Explore Administration Guide that includes an easy to follow Tutorial at Appendix B, that will introduce you to the product.

Please contact any member of the Gemini team or email for information on the options available for the trial of this exciting new software.

Once accepted for the trial, an Explore Install Pack will be issued to you for use on a dedicated Gemini Enterprise instance. Using this together with our sample data and detailed tutorials, you will be up and running working with your own data sources in no time.


Trial - Documentation & Colateral

When you have a suitable Gemini Enterprise instance available dedicated as a host for your Gemini Explore trial, use the Gemini Explore - Quick Start Guide to get up and running speedily and carry out a quick tutorial.

For more details and a deeper understanding on how to build and create more complex Models for your datasets, refer to the full Gemini Explore - Administration Guide.

Both guides contain a Tutorial, the full Administration Guide, this can be found at Appendix B.

Further information regarding our Explore for Splunk Admin app, can be found using the:

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